Cheer Alliance 2014 Hair & Make-Up How To!
The attached video link is not supposed to start mass chaos! lol.. It took about 2 full days to make, so there are some differences in it that you will notice if you attended the demonstrations at the gym. Very important you read below before watching the video!
  • Please go through the below pictures and descriptions before watching the video!
  • Hairbows and makeup kits will be passed out next week at your child’s practice. Only Dazzle and Glamour already have it.
  • Video shows braid from a part to left ear, PLEASE braid from ear to ear! Do not make a part above the right eye like Katia explains!
  • Video shows cheetah spot application on top of the eyelid (black shadow). If you feel more comfortable applying like you learned at the demonstration, then that is fine. However, please try to master the video look as the season goes on!
  • Please check your NEW make-up kit for the following items: Primer, White Shadow, Black Shadow, Black Felt-Tip Liner, Silver Glitter Liner, Two-Sided Brush, Apple Pie Lipstain. You can not use old makeup from years past to complete this look. You also do not have mascara in your kit, but it needs to be applied to the lashes.
  • When putting up the hair, please use several hair ties, hair products to get a slick look, and hairspray at the end to secure it!

Front Braid

Section a 1″ front part for the french braid. Start from the right ear and use a comb to make a nice straight part to the left ear. Pull the hair out of your way. French braid all the way from the right ear to the left ear using small sections.


Securing The Braid
Make sure you braid all the way to the end.
High Pony
Start the pony at the point of where your finger hits when you place your palm at the bridge of the nose. Make it as high as possible. Secure with a hair tie once all the hair is slick and smooth. Then bring the braid up to the pony tail and secure with another hair tie. Remove the remaining access braid if there is any. Straighten the pony with a flat iron.

Hair Bow

Please make the bow look like a present on top of your head. Watch the video on how to place the hairbow over the pony tail. Make sure your uniform is already on at this point. Secure with bobby pins through the center bow ribbon. Do not use bobby pins anywhere else on the head. Loose hair and flyaways should be secured with hair clips and hairspray.


Make-Up Application

Please watch the video on how to apply the make-up. The demonstration at the gym showed you how to apply the cheetah spots on the left eye out towards the temple. Please attempt the application in the video. If you are not comfortable with that  just yet, then keep practicing. We would like to achieve this look in the video by Nationals!

Only watch this link if you read the above directions and instruction thoroughly!
Don’t forget, braid goes from right ear to left ear, and the cheetah spots ONLY go on the left eye! Use the new silver glitter liner to make the inside cheetah spots!
Click Here To View The YouTube Video…
Cheer Alliance Hair & Makeup 2014-2015
Cheer Alliance Hair & Makeup 2014-2015