I have been honored to on both jags and pinks this year and be at the gym everyday. Cheer alliance has become my home and forever will be my family. I can not thank the staff enough. Kellie Cady-Varga for having this amazing organization, for coming in to the gym and watch the teams run full out. Thank you for helping and encouraging me to always do my best even when things are not the greatest. Thank you toJohnnie Buckley for making everything fun, for letting me achieve on jags and win titles I never thought I could. Thank you for always being there for me if it’s in cheer or social things. Thank you to Billy Hemphill for helping me reach goals and skills I never thought was possible. Thank you for the tons for conditioning because In the end it has helped make the athlete I am today.

I wanna thank my lady jags bc through it all they have been my back bone. The team where I can let off steam, or if I just need a good laugh. I am so proud of everything we have accomplished. We have gone from the underdogs to bring home grandchamps, multiple wins, and hopefully soon rings.

Thank you too all the pink panthers. this season we have pushed ourselves to the limit and I am so proud. We have faced a lot together from countless hours of practice, to hitting a routine, and not hitting a routine. In the end we should be proud because we created a bond that is unreplaceable.

Cheer alliance has been my home. And will always be a big part of me. I can not thank everyone who has ever helped me enough. I love you all. Thank you for a great season!

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